Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Kayaks do we use:

We have double Sit on Top Sea Kayaks, so we pair you up and paddle away nice and easy. Our kayaks are super stable and easy to paddle.

What safety gear is supplied:

Lifejackets, wetsuits (in colder months)

What should I wear:

Light Sunsafe clothing , a hat m sunglasses, swimmers

Can I swim during tour:

You bet you can, we have a great couple of places we stop for a swim at should you like.

Should I bring a water bottle:

Yes you can bring a water bottle , our lifejackets have a pocket that can hold them, we recommend re – usable bottles such as the ones made from stainless steel. They are much better then single use plastic bottles

Can I bring my phone:

If you are just bringing it for photos we take a go pro and all of our photos are posted on our facebook page for free download. If you’d still like to bring your mobile phone then we recommend you secure it via a dry bag and lanyard and bring both of those items with you Go Pro cameras are most welcome

Will I need sunscreen:

we supply sunscreen free of charge

Where does the tour go:

Attach a Map

Can pregnant women take part in this tour:

Yes up to 16 weeks is fine, unfortunately we are able to gain insurance for women more then 16 weeks pregnant for these tours.

Can my children take this tour:

You bet, we love having children along. We can take children 8 years old and upwards on our tours. All children aged 13 and under must be accompanied by a supervising adult at a maximum ratio of 1 Adult to 3 children.

Where do we meet for our tour:

We meet at Fountains Boatshed Marina, 5 Wharf Street Birchgrove 2041, 15 minutes before your tour departure time.